Find, Rapidly, Otus with Galaxy Solution

The user-friendly and Galaxy-supported pipeline FROGS analyses large sets of DNA amplicons sequences accurately and rapidly, essential for microbe community studies. It produces abundance table of OTUs and their taxonomic affiliation.

FROGS was tested on many datasets

Standard Operation Procedure
In waiting for publication, the Poster:

Escudie F., Auer L., Bernard M., Cauquil L., Vidal K., Maman S., Mariadassou M., Combes S., Hernandez-Raquet G., Pascal G., 2016. FROGS: Find, Rapidly, OTUs with Galaxy Solution.
In: ISME-2016 Montreal, CANADA
To test FROGS
Play with FROGS on the Galaxy server of Toulouse

Redo FROGS'assessments with command lines (careful: very long process)

Get data built with utax sequences: datasets_utax
Get data built with silva sequences: datasets_silva
Get command lines on tabs SDFU/Commands and/or SDFS/Commands
GNU GPLv3 (details)